King Bee

(Directed by Brennaum St. Dyeie)

Sounds of ghosts making a skeleton out of the electricity that secretly leaves millions of houses daily for its departure into deep space. Instead, when they're caught they're gingerly swept up and locked into a 900watt amplifier. Their planet lost its beauty long long time ago, and with nothing to inspire them, they use these super-charged electrical molecules and the amplifiers to project emotion and beauty directly into what is called the third eye, which actually is a time machine and portal to other dimensions, unfortunately it will take us 500,000 more years on earth to learn how to use it.. Caught in the electrons from Earth are the tiny fragments of beauty and shining things and ice cream coloring. They take these substances and shoot them directly into the brains of onlookers.. But tonight, the Ghosts of their planet are trying their hand at making painted artworks and skeletons, which also relies on super-charged energy from Earth, but less is consumed.

Now here we have a new concoction. A few of my friends and I got together and started trying to make short films over the summer. We built a projection room in my basement, but I said it wasn't a good acoustical environment, so we scratched all the ideas and I saved us tons of money for whores and railroad wine later in the story. but anyway....That's when we get the call that not only is NatGeo gonna feature a clip of theirs for free in this particular project, but they're gonna sponsor our project and pay for everything if we leave the natgeo logo visible in the clip. So we sold out a bit, but! instead of making real films we made this crap cheap and spent the money on railroad wine and whores. Still, though, I'd like to take this web space to thank all the people who helped us over at NatGeo when we were in tough times. And I'd like to also give a shout out to Iggy Pop trying to smoke spider webs; I hope this film meets with his standards, and we couldn't have done the basement scene without him holding all the lights.

Vinyl coming soon on Dead Wizard.

- King Bee, September 2009